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News and notes of Utah's Elite Wheelchair Basketball Team. Currently Ranked #4 in National Wheelchair Basketball Association. For more information about the Wheelin' Jazz, call Layne Mangum at 801.400.2882.

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Neuroworx and the Hull Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide therapy and rehabilitative services for individuals dealing with paralysis sescondary to spinal cord injuries and similar neurological conditions. Supporting adaptive sports is a natural extension of our mission to improve the rehabilitation, overall health and quality of life for individuals with these devastating injuries.

Dale Hull and Jan Black are the co-founders of Neuroworx. The Wheelin' Jazz are grateful for their efforts./
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekly Update 10/28/09

Always good things in Wheelin' Jazz Land. We are into our second week of practice and the team is coming together. We are adding to our numbers and have a few newcomers that will someday be impact players. Right now, it's a learning curve for them but they are learning and coming around.

The preseason poll is out and there's no surprises. The Wheelin' Jazz go into the 2009-10 season as the Number 3 team in the nation. We don't put much into the polls as the teams change from year to year. It does give us a starting point and lets the other teams know to come after us. That should help us stay on top of our game.

Our TSHIRT FUNDRAISER is in full gear. We need help. If you or your company is interested in helping the Wheelin' Jazz, and get a little advertising at the same time, visit and sign up. Or contact Layne Mangum at We'll get you going.

Remember we are hosting a tournament November 20-22. More details will follow but plan on some great hoops. Our new Juniors team will be competing as well as our mens team. We are excited to get the season started.

Also on our webpage, we have AWESOME coupons that will knock your socks off. Most of the coupons are auto services at great prices. There's a beauty salon coupon in the Orem area. Go to and check out what we have. Remember, the team keeps 40% of each coupon sold.

Thanks for keeping up with the team. We're lucky to have the best fans on the PLANET! GO WHEELIN' JAZZ!


Juggernaut said...

Just stumbled across your blog. interesting. Do you play against teams without handicappednessesss? Anyways, I fill in my spare time working as a party clown and could make a great mascot, if you're interested. I break dance, beat-box, preach the gospel of john, teach basic driving in a fun manner for the adolescent... well, i guess the driving instruction probably wouldn't be too good of an idea, ya know? Not for a basketball game. might be a bit of a distraction. If you're interested just reply to this posting. I require a per season retainer, plus travel expenses. This usually rounds up to about $10.00. I know this might seem high, but it's only an estimation. I've never been the happy gospel clown mascot for a basketball team. Maybe I could be the rollin clown. team up with Lehi Roller Mills for sponsorship... No, you'd sponsor me. I am your mascot, right? no.... You have to get back to me on that one. SORRY LAYNE! word.

Layne Mangum, Head Coach said...

Wassap T-BONE! Absolutely we'll take you as our mascot. I don't think we can pay you unless you get us some donations though. Sorry.